Packet Pickup is located at: Forma Gym, 1908 Olympic blvd., Walnut Creek CA
Time and date: Nov. 21st and 22nd from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Do you have race day registration?

Yes. Race day registration will be available. It will be located at Civic Park, the start/finish area for the event. It opens at 6:30 a.m. We recommend arriving at least an hour prior to the start time of your race in order to allow sufficient time to park, register, use porta-potties, etc.

I can’t make it to Forma Gym in Walnut Creek for your packet pick up on Tuesday or Wednesday. What should I do?

Packet pick up on Tuesday/Wednesday is not required. However, picking up your bib in advance will make your race morning much much easier. You may have a friend or family member pick up your packet for you or as a last resort, pick up your packet on race morning at Civic Park starting at 6:30a.m. If you need to pick up on race morning, we suggest arriving and being in line to pick up by 6:45am to avoid any last minute rush.

What is “Packet Pick Up”? What is a packet?

Packet pick up is the time at which you can come and pick up your race bib and t-shirt. Your “packet” is just that.

Can I have a friend or family member pick up my bib / shirt for me at Packet Pick Up?


What can I expect the weather to be like for this event?

We have had all sorts of weather for this event over the past 24 years, including beautiful sunny days, fog, wind, but rarely rain. Even though it has rarely rained on our event we always have to be prepared in November for the chance of it.

What happens if it’s raining?

The race happens rain or shine. Dress appropriately, but not so warmly so that you’ll overheat, and have fun!

Will you have a sweat check for this event?

Due to the size of our event we will not be offering a sweat check this year. If you bring layers make sure you have someone to leave them with. Otherwise we suggest you place them back in your car. The Forma Gym Turkey Trot will not be responsible for lost or missed placed clothing.